Planking is so last week.  So, I regret to inform you that if you haven’t yet wrapped your mind around the trend that has people all over the world photographing themselves lying flat on their faces in various strange and different locations, you may not be ready for what’s come next.  Turns out planking was just a gateway activity to owling.

Owling takes planking up a notch.  Rather than lying flat, owlers perch themselves anywhere and everywhere they can like…well, like owls.

Not one to take a new trend lying down, my dear friend Kenny has informed me that he is now adding owling to his repertoire.  I stress “adding” as he has no intention of giving up one for the other.

“I’m not a phase guy.  I’ll plank forever,” he said.

I’m pleased to share his latest endeavors and to showcase what is clearly a stupendous sense of balance.  I’m told these owlings are the first of many.

I can’t help but wonder now if he’ll recruit a friend and give plowling a try.  No matter what, you know it’ll be a hoot.

Owling with Kenny

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