Oh You Like That, Don’t You?


On any given day, any of us click “Like” on something we see on Facebook.  For most of us, it’s something we actually find funny or interesting or strikes our fancy in some way or another–photos, jokes, the return of the holiday cups at Starbucks. But I’ve discovered something more and more recently that has led me to believe that for a certain segment of the population, pressing the “Like” button takes personal preference to an entirely new level.

For some people, that little “thumbs-up” serves as a beacon to all. It is akin to an animal leaving its scent on the boundaries of its domain–marking its territory.  But rather than lifting a leg on someone’s Facebook wall, they have only to press…”Like.”  And I have discovered that those who employ this tactic (typically the female of the species) will like just about anything.

“Here’s an article I read.”  Like

“Here’s a sandwich I ate.” Like

“Here is a concert I’m going to.”  Like.

“This is a picture of me with people you have never met.”  Like.

“This day sucks.”  Like.

“Here’s another article I read.”  Like.

“Here are some random song lyrics.”  Like.

Try this status update on for size: “I know exactly what you’re up to.”

Here’s the deal.  You don’t really like any of this crap.  What you like, is the person who posted it.  You know it, we know it and, more importantly, we know that you want to make sure everyone else knows it.

Relationships, certainly, are tricky. There’s often a desire to keep the rest of the pack away from the prey, stake a claim, send a message. The trick is to do it without moving too fast or scaring your target away or being perceived as crazy. It’s a delicate situation, naturally, and should be handled as such.  What could be more friendly and non-threatening than this?

Harmless, really and yet, if employed enough times, over several weeks and months, it can form a little Facebook fence–keeping out any interlopers just long enough until you can manage to get the impenetrable shield of a changed relationship status into place.  You might even make it into the profile picture.

It’s all a bit more sterile in the execution, but it seems modern love still has some very primal roots.  We’re territorial–even when it comes to our own little corners of the Internet.  In this day and age there seems to be a constant game of matching up reality with Facebook reality–getting one to follow the other–however that works.

What can I say?  It’s complicated.


Can I get a thumbs-up?

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  1. megslindsey
    November 7, 2011 / 1:08 PM

    It feels wrong to “like” this…so I’ll just say, sweet article! Totally ENJOYED it.

  2. November 22, 2011 / 7:23 PM

    Indeed. I’m glad you understand these matters so well. I can’t press a “Like” button on the TV every time its pixels form your image, so I do what I can instead.

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