Well, well, well.  Look who’s here.


Welcome to No Teleprompter, No Mercy.


Kate Welshofer is the froot loop responsible for this blessed little corner of the Internet.  She’s an experienced journalist and news anchor but the people at the coffee shop just call her “news lady” or, more accurately, “skim milk, one Splenda.”


Kate can be seen in cities across New York State on Time Warner Cable News, the only local 24-hour news channel. Now, the voices in her head have finally learned to type and when she’s not on the desk, she’s off-script, kind of off-the-wall and writing it all down aaaaaand even sometimes videotaping it. I mean, why not? 


Oh, and she also has a cat named Brian Williams, a.k.a. the Anchorcat. He has his own blog, No Pants, No Problem. Click here for a link.  You can also follow him on Twitter.


If you like to laugh, snort, sometimes cry at commercials or just have a burning desire to escape your own reality for a hot second; No Teleprompter, No Mercy is for you.  Just a word of warning: Kate writes like she dances–after a few drinks as if no one is paying attention.




(Stay awhile, won’t ya?  These stories and videos aren’t going to read and watch themselves!)